Delighting the most discerning connoisseur

Brazilian Culture

Natural Resources

Renowned for its exuberant nature, Brazil is home to one of the richest biodiversity in the world. Here is one of the largest freshwater reserves and one third of all the tropical rainforests on the planet. It is estimated that one in ten species of plants and animals in the world are in our country (source: WWF Brasil).
It is here in the midst of our abundance of nature, that we find Brazil’s passion; our coffee.

Cultural Diversity

There is no doubt about Brazil's extensive cultural diversity. It is possible to appreciate the multiplicity of cultures and customs by the four corners of our extensive land. The intense immigration and consequent miscegenation between different ethnic groups are factors that, when combined, culminate in an extremely rich and complex culture with different personalities.


The joy of the Brazilian people is contagious. Our sympathy, broad smiles, and welcoming, enchant everyone who comes here. The lifestyle, added to an extremely vast and radiant culture, transform our country into an inexhaustible source of good times.

The country is recognized for its recent contribution to the segment of specialty coffees. With growing concern among Brazilian producers, the industry has witnessed an increase in the productivity of differentiated varieties and processing methods while conquering the refined palate of an expansive portion of the international market.

Between January and April 2018, Brazilian exports of differentiated coffees totaled approximately 1.78 million bags, generating US$ 339.39 million in exchange revenue. This corresponds to about 21.3% of total coffee export revenue during the period.

Among the international demand for Brazilian specialty coffee production, the United States is the first and accounts for about 24% of exports, totaling 426.06 thousand bags (source: Embrapa Café).


More than an ordinary beverage
In Brazil coffee is part of the essence of the country. It is shared with friends, in business meeting, in the day to day rush, and in times of relaxation. Coffee has a special spot in people’s daily activities. Brazilians know their coffee very well given that they are the largest producer of coffee in the world. Coffee has been a way of life in Brazil since the nineteenth century. Not only is Brazil considered the largest producer it is also the largest exporter of coffee in the world, standing out with vast diversity of cultivated varieties.

The economic importance of coffee is unquestionable. Coffee ranks 5th among the top ten export sectors. In December 2016, it handled about US$ 600.74 million and represented around 10% of total Brazilian exports (source: Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento).


History of Love Created by our Ancestors

The Torres family passion for coffee began in the nineteenth century, with Dr. Newton's great-grandfather. Responsible for the administration of a coffee farm in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, he nurtured his 11 children in the midst of farming.

Motivated by the teachings of his father, João Urbano de Aguiar followed the steps of the family and bought his own land in the interior of São Paulo. With all the experience gained, the family history of love for the cultivation of the coffee prospered.

Dr. Newton de Aguiar Torres, inspired by the family experience, continued this history and love of coffee, choosing to be dedicated to the cultivation of quality specialty coffees in the southern region of Minas Gerais.

New Generation

Throughout its history, Fazenda São Paulo has inspired a passion for the art of making coffee with the Torres Family. This love, transmitted from generation to generation, turns production into a family business, inspiring care and dedication by all.

For this, the new generations of the Family are already present in the daily culture of coffee, training and studying with the goal of combining the best of the tradition created by Dr. Newton with the best and latest technologies while establishing Fazenda São Paulo has a quality specialty coffee in the international market.

Best Practices for Environment and Employees

Concerned with the preservation of the environment, Fazenda São Paulo has as its philosophy the care and respect for the land, ensuring that future generations follow the art of coffee cultivation for many, many years.

Proof of our care with nature is often seen on the farm. Among the native fauna we typically see a diversity of native animals, such as deer, hares, maned wolves, foxes and a vast variety of birds, such as, “Carcará” a scavenger hunting bird, “Siriema” (local bird’s names), toucans, Golden Capped Parakeet, Humming Birds, Fox-tailed Fly Catcher, wild birds and many others.

In addition, our employees have all the comforts of modern life added with the unique well-being provided by country life style. Here, they all live with their families in houses built and supplied by the farm, with internet, telephone service and satellite TV. Children, of course, are raised with respect and attend school daily. Fazenda São Paulo understands that its obligation extends well beyond the mere commitment to norms and laws. We value an environment of well-being and quality of life among all our employees, once we believe that happy people work with love and produce high quality coffee.

Our practices aimed at preserving nature and taking care of our employees led Fazenda São Paulo to be an UTZ Certified Farm.

Owner's Coffee Passion

Dr. Newton, as he is affectionately called by the community of Carmo da Cachoeira, has a life dedicated to caring for others and, for more than 30 years, has practiced medicine with commitment.

However, his fond memories of his childhood life including spending time with his uncles and grandparents on the family coffee farms, always influenced and accompanied him. Thus, he decided to follow his childhood dream of owning a coffee farm. Over 10 years ago, he founded Fazenda São Paulo. Today, he is dedicated entirely to the production of specialty coffees and takes care of the coffee with passion and tenacity.

The Location

Located in the southern region of Minas Gerais, Fazenda São Paulo is one of the best microclimates in the world for the production of specialty coffees – and from here one finds the most awarded coffees from Brazil.

Fazenda São Paulo lays in this mountainous region, where the altitude, climate and soil is ideal for the cultivation of varieties such as Yellow Catuai, Yellow Bourbon, Mundo Novo and Topázio.


French word of origin, terroir is a term without direct translation to any other language. Its concept starts from the essentially intimate relationship in which a particular soil - formed by its particular geography and geology - interacts with the characteristics of a microclimate, guaranteeing a particular culture to a very unique profile. In this way, soil and climate create a unique interaction with plant genetics and, therefore, expresses particular flavors and aromas.

Fazenda São Paulo combines spectacular terroir conditions, allowing the cultivation of coffee varieties with characteristic flavors, excellent acidity, soft sweetness, caramel notes and a slight taste of yellow fruits.

Direct Trade relationships

From our varieties and our terroirs, we can develop customized blends for our clients, meeting the highest requirements for each market. We welcome our clients to visit our farm and see how their coffee is being handled.

FOB Fort Lauderdale Advantage

The concern with the quality of our coffee is born in our plantation and goes to the consumer's cup. For us, coffee is a sensory experience and needs expert professionals throughout the process, acting in a careful and constantly improved manner.

As a producer, Fazenda São Paulo takes the coffee to the final customer without any intermediary in the process. We go from planting to export to the United States and we are also the importers, based in Florida.

For this, the transport of green coffee beans is done in a conscious and very technical way, in paper containers with highly specialized barrier multifunctional bag, including an added the layer of internal plastic film capable of offering an excellent barrier to oxygen, allowing Fazenda São Paulo to replace the traditional jute bags and thus ensuring the control of light and humidity, preserving the quality of the intact green coffee bean for the next phase.

From the farm directly to your cup.


Meeting Point

With architectural traits inspired by colonialism of the region, our headquarters is the place where business and delightful moments of leisure are combined in a balanced way. Here, we strengthen ties and create good relationships, always with the tasty gastronomy of Minas Gerais, good talk and, of course, outstanding coffee!

Our Coffees

Concerned with the purity of our coffee, Fazenda São Paulo works under the concept of single origin - despite the variety of coffees produced, all are grown, dried and carefully handled without being mixed.

In addition, our coffee is produced exclusively in micro-lots, small portions that guarantee the very high quality control and the special flavors of our coffee.

Environmental Practice

Fazenda São Paulo strictly follows the guidelines of the best environmental and economic practices in the world. Here, we take care of the coffee, the environment and the people.

The Varietals

Yellow Catuai


With a gentle and soft flavor, the Yellow Catuai stands out for its moderate acidity - and natural sweetness. Resulting from the cross between the varietals of Yellow Caturra and Mundo Novo, its ideal cultivation is at higher altitudes, guaranteeing accentuated flavor.


Yellow Bourbon


Its intense and soft aroma, with notes of caramel, added to the chocolate texture and slightly sweet taste, make the Yellow Bourbon a passionate coffee for coffee connoisseurs around the world. The variety is among the best-known varieties of Arabica coffee and is one of the favorites all over the world.


Mundo Novo


With low production of cherries, Mundo Novo is a highly sought after coffee of exceptional quality. A crossing between Sumatra and Red Bourbon varieties, its light and mild flavor makes the variety a great choice for espresso based beverages.




The strong aroma and aroma of citrus notes guarantee Topaz unmistakable characteristics. This type of variety has, in its peculiar flavor, a great opportunity for the development of hot or cold beverage recipes, guaranteeing differentiated signature beverages.

Besides growing our coffee, we decided to export, and import by ourselves to Florida, because we believe in guaranteeing the quality and the freshness of the coffee. We are able to offer a locally roasted coffee in Florida in which the quality of the green bean and roasted coffee is very important to us. As a client you will be assured that the coffee comes to Miami directly from the farm and producer, and is roasted on demand, so we can guarantee its freshness.
From our varieties and our terroirs, we can develop customized blends for our clients, meeting the highest requirements for each market.